About mirroring new linux distribution

Mr. Shozaburo Nakamura - Representative of Ring Server Project

As new Linux distributions pop up, we have been receiving requests for their mirroring at the Ring Server Project.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to comply with these requests, as:
1) We are already nearing capacity on our disk space
2) Of the disk space available, we are already using 40% for various Linux-related software, we do not forsee a benefit in mirroring more Linux distributions.

In addition, another problem we face is that the disk space required to mirror distributions are quite large, and there are fair bit of overlap between the distributions. If we can refactor, and have a common area and areas dedicated to unique parts of each distributions, we can radically reduce the necessary space. However, the reality of this is that we cannot spend the time and effort required for this endeavour.

In the future, when we have more disk space at each of the RingServers, we will reconsider, but in the meantime, we cannot mirror additional distributions.

Thank you for your understanding.